Payment Plans

Professional rig builds are an investment.

You care about your tone. So do we.

The pedalboard of your dreams comes with a high price tag. But like any good guitar or amplifier, it's worth it. Your pedalboard is an investment - and it's an important part of your rig. 

We're here to help! We offer a variety of comprehensive payment plans that can help take the pressure off and make your pedalboard build more affordable in the short term. 

We want to make your dream pedalboard a reality. Let's make it happen! 


Terms and conditions apply.

  • Level 1

    Plan Length: 3 months


    10% deposit required.


    $19.99/mo administrative fee applies.

  • Level 2

    Plan Length: 4 months


    10% deposit required.


    $29.99/mo administrative fee applies.

  • Level 3

    Plan Length: 6 months


    10% deposit required.


    $39.99/mo administrative fee applies.

Terms & Conditions

Invoice total will be divided into 3 / 4 / 6 months, as applicable, defined by the installment payment plan chosen by the client. Each plan requires a ten (10) percent deposit due at signing. A minimum payment will be required each month. Client(s) may pay more than the minimum due each month, but not less

Vagabond Audio will not perform a check for credit worthiness or request personally identifiable information used to perform a check for credit worthiness. Client(s) must sign an Installment Payment Plan Agreement prior to rendering first payment and deposit. 

Each installment payment plan is subject to a monthly administrative fee. Level 1 will incur a $19.99/month administrative fee. Level 2 will incur a $29.99/month administrative fee. Level 3 will incur a $39.99/month administrative fee. The applicable administrative fees are non-refundable, under any circumstances.

If client wishes to pay remaining invoice balance early, he/she may do so without penalty. Any fees incurred prior to paying remaining invoice balance are non-refundable. Client may render more than one payment per month and/or render payment in an amount greater than or equal to the minimum monthly payment. 

When a payment plan is initiated and agreed upon, it may only be cancelled at the discretion of Vagabond Audio and its authorized representatives. If approved, a cancellation fee of $49.99 will apply. 

Services will only be rendered when client(s) renders payment equal to the invoice balance in full to Vagabond Audio.