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MIDI Cables

MIDI Cables

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A versatile and durable MIDI cable with your choice of 5-pin DIN or TRS connector. Our MIDI cables are roadworthy and will stand up to the rigors of touring, recording session work, or the at-home bedroom musician. 

The Switchcraft© 5-pin DIN connector has become the industry standard for high quality right angle MIDI connectors. The unique eight position barrel offers the choice for eight different entry angles - connector's pin positions rotate, eliminating the need to re-solder.

Use it to control any and all MIDI-enabled devices with ease!

    Features & Specs:

    • Robust, premium microphone cable with 2 conductors
    • Durable right angle or straight, low profile connectors
    • Hand-wired, soldered connections


    All cables are backed by a lifetime warranty on workmanship!

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