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Power Cables

Power Cables

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Power Supply Connector
Pedal Connector

Robust, high quality power cables can be hard to come by. Now they're just a click away! Our power cables are the epitome of durability and flexibility and are the last ones you'll ever need. Our cables were specifically designed for rack and pedalboard routing.

It's a low-profile cable that is extremely flexible that allows for easy routing within your rack or pedalboard. No more bunched up cable or inconvenient adapters because what you have is too short or incorrect.

Our power cables feature a thick copper wire that will maintain the voltage from power supply to pedal.

Features & Specs: 

  • Premium Kobiconn© plugs
  • 21 AWG, high quality copper wire
  • Low profile, extremely flexible
  • Maintains voltage without added resistance


*If you need to change the configuration of the power cable (i.e., reverse polarity), please include a note with your order.

**If you need a dual power cable (i.e., voltage doubler, current doubler, y-cable), please order two cables and include a note with your order indicating the type of cable needed.

**If you need a connector that isn't offered here (i.e., RCA or 3.5mm), please email us for a quote.

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