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JET Pedals Red Sea

JET Pedals Red Sea

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Introducing the Red Sea - an all analog signal routing matrix designed for countless stereo and mono signal path routing options.

The Red Sea gives you the ability to run a TRUE Stereo Wet/Dry/Wet setup using only 2 amps or 2 signals to the FOH, while also giving you complete control over your Wet/Dry mix!

The Red Sea also has two independent stereo FX loops. Use each FX loop to run stereo delays and reverbs in parallel, where each effect does not interact with each other - huge soundscapes can be achieved with washy reverbs and articulate delay repeats while being able to blend between each FX loops mix level. Or run two amp simulators in parallel with the ability to blend between the two.

Routing Options:

  • Wet/Dry: utilizing a single amp; both clean and dirty
  • Wet/Dry/Wet: utilizing only two amps; both clean and dirty
  • Wet/Dry/Wet with dual delays: one in the L channel & other in R channel
  • Blend Dual Amps: run dual amp's, each panned hard L & R 
  • Parallel Dual Amps: run dual amp modelers in FULL stereo
  • Convert a tube amp's serial FX Loop to a parallel FX Loop
  • Stereo and Mono analog dry through (avoid latency in digital pedals)
  • ...and more!

Feature & Specs:

  • Stereo or Mono In & Out
  • Studio Grade Analog Buffers on all Inputs & Outputs
  • Large Blend Knob for Blending in a Live Setting
  • Polarity Reverse Switches for Changing the L&R Polarity on One of the FX Loops
  • Cast Aluminum Enclosure for Maximum Durability and Weight Reduction
  • Power via standard 9V 100ma Power Supply

Dimensions: 4.82" x 2.62" x 1.425"

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What is the Red Sea?