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AUX Switch for RJM® Mastermind

AUX Switch for RJM® Mastermind

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The AUX switch you didn't know you needed...

Built by PDLS, a custom auxiliary Extension Switch designed to match the RJM® Mastermind controller series enclosures and fabricated with premium nylon and carbon fiber filament. 

This is the ONLY AUX switch on the market that accurately matches the enclosure footprint of your RJM® controller.

All AUX switches are made to order. Please allow five to seven (5 - 7) business days for fabrication and shipping.


Feature & Specs:

  • Two footswitches for expanded functionality
  • One ¼" TRS output
  • Indicator LEDs for each footswitch
  • Roadworthy nylon and carbon fiber filament enclosure



PBC/6X: 1.75" x 4.125" || PBC/10: 1.75" x 5" || LT: 1.75" x 5"


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Mastermind AUX Switch

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect it? Does it require power?

This is an auxiliary extension switch for the Mastermind switchers. It connects to the “EXT SW” jack with a ¼" stereo (TRS) cable. The power comes from the PBC, so no extra power cable is needed. One cable and you’re ready to go!

What does the switch do?

The functions of the switches are programmed in the Mastermind Editor, just like any of the other switches. The main difference is that the LEDs are alwaysone color. You can use the switch as a tap tempo, or to control your amp's channel switching, or bank up/down! Refer to your manual for the functions of the “EXT SW”.

What color LEDs are used?

Why are the switches off center?

Beta testers liked the switches setup to match the offset on the PBC/6X. If you would prefer centered switches, please request this by email and allow a few extra days for fabrication.